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Name: Alison Ouellette

Age: 36

Location: Manchester, NH

Weight: 150lbs (Stage weight 135)

Height: 5”5

Sport: NPC Figure Competitor

Years in the Sport: Fitness and Nutrition Industry since 2001. Bodybuilding 6 years. Competing 2 years.

Favorite Exercise: High Cable Peaking Curls

Favorite Body part: Back (also favorite training day)

Social Media Links


Instagram: ladytiger8464

Favorite Products

Hydra nutrition: Hydra Burn
Hydra nutrition: Kratos
Hydra nutrition: Helios
Hydra nutrition: Hydra Whey Cinnamon Bun

Favorite Songs:

The Game/Eminem “We Ain’t”

Eminem “Cinderella Man”

Alicia Keys “Brand New Me”

Eminem/Rihanna “Monster”

Mary J Blige/Drake “The One”


2015 NPC New England Championships 3rd Place Figure Class C, 5th Place Over 35 Figure Class
2016 NPC New England Championships 3rd Place in Novice Figure Class B,3rd Place in open Figure Class C, 4th Place Masters Over 35 Class

How Did You Get Started?

I have been in the fitness and nutrition industry since 2001. Attending gyms doing sampling demos, large supplement company meetings and product development seminars. I have always been fascinated with nutrition and also helping others achieve goals through guiding them with the proper supplements. Over the years I have come across many pro athletes and famous bodybuilders, figure competitors and fitness models. In 2010 I watched a friend of mine compete in a “Fit Body” competition. I was so intrigued by the poses, the body sculpting of women and the overall “fit body” look. I signed on with a prep coach very shortly after that, the spark had been ignited. Over the years I continued to train in the gym off and on, attending bodybuilding shows and helping a team of athletes with some of their prep for their shows. This year in 2015 I decided it was “My Time”. I finally made it to the stage and accomplished a goal I had been trying to achieve for myself for so long. Now, my goal is to keep pushing myself and making progress. I’ve learned a lot about myself on this journey over the last decade but the main thing I’ve come to realize is to, never give up on yourself!